Paying Attention

"I am in a season at the moment where my life seems a bit small. After being ill and off work for 5 months, I've been working part time, coming home and going to bed quite early. I feel fine but residual effects of the illness plus still being prone to infection, and taking anti-biotics has my energy level not back to where it should be. I prayed a few weeks back for opportunities to be useful, to be active in the Kingdom in spite of where I'm at.

A couple of days later, standing in line at a drug store I was behind a very elderly woman who had a few things that came to under $11.00. Her card was declined a few times. She rummaged in her purse and found $6.00 in change. She was becoming obviously upset and embarrassed so I offered to help. She was saying no but I asked the cashier what she needed. I paid, reassuring this lady that I had had times when I needed help. She burst into tears and hugged me. I told her I believed in a kind God and if we were all just a little bit kinder to one another the world would be a much better place.

Since then I have had this opportunity 3 more times. I've also started not retrieving my quarter or loonies when I get a shopping cart. Not about the money but I started doing this when I saw a woman with 2 toddlers trying to find a quarter. I've been in that place; Fractious kids, pouring rain and no flipping coin! So now I just leave a cart for someone else to use.

I also had the experience of being able to help a woman whose ADD son was having a meltdown in the mall. My grandson has this and when these kids get angry or frustrated and lose control it's very difficult. I felt so bad as people were making rude comments about her parenting and calling the child some ugly names. I prayed 'Lord what do I do?' 'Help her', was the answer. So I helped her stop him from pulling her hair. The presence of a stranger intervening calmed him a bit and we moved to a bench. She was upset and shaken. I bought some water and we sat for a bit and she told me some of her story and I shared some of mine. Everyone was smiling when we said goodbye.

So I write this to say that no matter how little or large your life is. If you're looking, listening and paying attention there is always something to do that matters in the Kingdom."

Thanks for sharing. Keep spreading the Good News!