Lost Eggs

Tell us what happened:

"I was at work doing what I do to pay the bills. My colleague and I were talking about conspiracies and interesting paranormal things. It was good fun! I shared some stories about words of knowledge in a non religious way. We tried it out on each other but with no luck! So I upped the ante and tried it out on some of our customers, for fun! They all seemed to enjoy it. I kept trying the same word, which was pain in the left hip. No-one had pain, which was good for them but not for me... Joke.

About 5 minutes later a lady came back with some eggs and said "these are not my eggs". I was a little baffled, and said "not mine either, i wonder who they belong to" At the next possible point i took them back to the egg cooler. On my way there a lady who i recognized came walking up me pointing at eggs in her hand.

"are these your eggs!?"

"yes" she replied. She left them at the checkout on the side. And I had put them in someone else's buggy.

We began talking a little, and i put the new eggs she came back for, into the cooler. I said that I should probably walk her out to make sure security didn't tackle her ;)

On our way to the checkouts, I had this thought that maybe the word is for her, so i asked "are you by any chance a lady of faith?'

"I am a catholic, is that what you mean?"

"yes okay great, so you wont think this is completely nuts! I am practicing hearing God's voice and I felt as though i should ask, do you by any chance have a problem with your left hip?"

She was a little taken aback, and explained that she did, then told me all about what was going on. So i offered to pray for her really fast. We walked and I said a quick ten second prayer, commanding her hip to behave in the name of Jesus. She was very grateful, and left with a big smile on her face, feeling known. I love that God orchestrated that entire series of events, because i was willing to do that while at work."

Stepping out in faith can be fun, and is not as difficult as you think. Way to go!! We pray that these doors of opportunity will continue to open for you, and that you will gain even more wisdom and understanding in moving in signs and wonders in your everyday World. Sometimes you hear the right word, and you just have to find out who it is for!