A Sky Train Ticket

Tell us what happened:

"This morning I was in a rush to get to work, but decided I needed a coffee. So I stopped at the gas station where they have my favourite coffee (Costas). I went in, got some water and a coffee, paid, and went back to my car.

I turned on my car, and there was a tap at the passenger window. Slightly confused, I rolled down the window, and a middle aged man began speaking quite softly and looked rather sullen, “Excuse ma'am, I'm sure you're quite busy and probably just headed to work, but I was wondering if you had any money to spare? I am overdrawn in my account, and need to catch the Sky Train to get to work. I don't get paid til tomorrow, and I have never done this, but I'm just hopeless. I don't want to get fired, and I would gladly go without food for Sky Train fare. Do you have anything?”

This man did not look like the usual type that was asking for money, in fact, he looked like a middle class man, and seemed absolutely desperate.

“Err, let me look…” I said. I looked in my change compartment, and my wallet, but I had nothing. I got out of my car, bringing my wallet with me and said, “Just give me a minute though!”

I walked straight back into the gas station, the entire time trying to decide what to do, as I'm almost in a similar position as it's pay day at midnight, and we are living on our last $100… instead of thinking, I walked straight to the ATM, and sure enough, it was my bank’s ATM machine.  Amused, I laughed, since there would be no extra charges and I withdrew $20, and walked outside. The man was waiting, and looked pretty ashamed. I walked up to him, and handed him the $20 bill. He was so surprised, and started to say, “Oh no, I couldn't, this is too much! Please give me your number, and I'll pay you back!”

I laughed, and said, “No way! You just need to know that there are good people out there that care enough that they don't want to see you lose your job or go hungry! You better hurry so you'll make your train.”

The man began to cry, and exclaimed,"Thank you so much… you have no idea how much this means to me.”

I watched the man walk away, and sat in my car thinking what an interesting opportunity this was for me, and what a way to begin my day before even getting to work. Kingdom is all about family, and loving our family even before they get into the kingdom (this man could be already, who knows). I want to be known for a love that is generous, and makes people feel known and valued. The greater emphasis of the kingdom and His manifest presence in my life is that I am His instrument and fully aware of what He is doing even when I'm busy and in the process of a chaotic day. The opportunity to be love to people who need it is infinite… at the end of the day, the number one need is that people feel known, valued and loved.

We believe that generosity is an act of worship! It’s how we partner with Heaven to advance the Kingdom, by investing in what God is doing with People, the Church and our City. Way to go!! Thanks for sharing and keep going.