Keeping it Simple

I was standing in the line at Starbucks the other morning, when I saw a social worker who had been involved with our family and our foster son for a couple of years.  I have not seen her for a quite a while as we had been assigned to other case workers over time.  This social worker was looking very tired and worn out as she was waiting for her morning coffee.  While standing there, I felt this wave of compassion and then felt the Holy Spirit whisper "encourage her today."  After ordering and paying for my coffee, I walked over to her and began to reconnect.  After updating her on our foster son' life, I started to encourage her.  I told her how much I appreciated everything she had done for us, how she had protected and helped our foster son, and because of her, he has this incredible opportunity for an amazing life and destiny.  I told her that she was one of the best social workers we have had and that she is amazing at what she does.  As most of us are aware, social workers have a very difficult job, quite often are seen as "the bad guys," so they don't often get positive feedback. As I talked her, her face began to light up and she began to smile.  By the time she left Starbucks, she looked like she had been to the spa.  

I share this story not to bring attention to myself, but to demonstrate that sometimes releasing the Kingdom of God is simpler than we think.  Quite often God wants to meet people in unexpected ways.   

Don't get me wrong, I love the stories of miracles, healing, and God encounters. I love the testimonies of God doing the impossible, but sometimes the miracle people need in that moment is God's kindness and love. They may need a smile, or a cup of coffee just to know that they are loved and cared for.  Quite often, we are only looking for the huge miracle, like praying for the guy in a wheelchair, that we miss out an opportunity for God to release His love in other ways. 

I think the key to releasing heaven on earth is learning to abide in Him.  When we spend time getting to know Him, know His voice, recognize what He is saying and doing, then we can respond.  Jesus did only what He saw the Father doing.  We have been invited into this same relationship.  Jesus said we will do even greater things than He did.  I think it begins by knowing the Spirit's voice and responding to it.  It is about losing the boxes and paradigms on how we think things should look like.  Instead, it's responding in that moment to the smallest and simplest of things when He reveals it to you.  Maybe it's buying a cup of coffee, calling someone, giving flowers, or maybe it is praying for the sick person for healing, or giving a stranger a prophetic word. Instead of pressuring ourselves, let's keep it simple.  His spirit lives inside of each one of us.  Get to know His voice, know His love and goodness in your own life.

Ask for opportunities every day to release His love and His presence to others.   During your day, be aware of His presence and focus on Him.   Respond when you hear His voice and watch and see what amazing things He does in and through you.  Celebrate that you are in a partnership with Him, and enjoy the journey.