Taking a Risk

"Recently at work, I was helping a customer with some items to their vehicle. We were waiting patiently for the Car to arrive. I took those couple of moments to inquire about their life a little, just small talk!

During that time, I felt in my heart that i was hearing a word of knowledge. Taking a risk I asked 'Do you want to try something fun?' The response was 'Yes, what do you mean?' So I went for it and asked whether what i was hearing was correct!? It's not often someone immediately responds YES to that kind of question from a complete stranger...

Their immediate response was 'No that doesn't mean anything to me'. They then asked why, and I explained that I was practicing hearing from God and thought I would give it a go! They were very kind and continued to dialogue with me as though I was not crazy. During the time we were loading items into their vehicle, the person interjected and explained that 'Part of it was right but not completely', then they told me why. My response was 'Okay let's talk after we are done'.

After we had finished loading everything into the car, I asked if they would be interested in a quick prayer, which they were. After praying, my new friends were interested in what Church I was involved with; one of them had recently been thinking it would be nice to try one out. Regardless of whether they come or not, because I chose to partner with God in that moment they both had an opportunity to experience His nature.

Creating a heart to heart connection will make stepping out in faith a lot easier! You can be anywhere on the scale, from completely wrong about what your feeling (word of knowledge), to 100% accurate. Love is the most important thing you have to display. You can also course correct should it get uncomfortable...."

Thanks for sharing your Testimony with us! Keep taking risks :-)