The Kingdom Has Come Near You

Recently there was a Testimony shared about 'Taking Risk'. A few days later this happened...

"I was at work, just doing my job, when a lady started speaking to me. I turned to see who it was as she called me by name. It was the lady i prayed for several days before-hand. She went on to tell me that ever since I had prayed for her, her problem ceased! It's not necessary to share exactly what was going on, but she said the prayer had been answered and all pain had substantially disappeared."

Nothing happens in the Kingdom except for when there's a declaration. God is waiting for people to mirror His ways here on Earth. This is such good news!! We often separate our lives into two areas, sacred and secular, but to God there is only One! He is looking for people who will partner with Him in removing the walls of separation. It's all His!

Thanks for daring and thanks for sharing!