Jack & the Bean

We love seeing what happens when people partner with God, seeing others get wrecked by His extravagant love! Recently Pauline went on two Ministry opportunities and has these great stories to share...

"In Calgary, we touched many lives. I remember a lady in her late 20's who came for a spiritual reading. As we were listening to God, I received "Jack And The Bean". I told Holy Spirit that He could do better than that. "Jack And The Bean" I heard again. As we all started sharing, I told her that in the past she had experienced great trials, especially financial, but because she had slain a giant in her life prosperity was around the corner. As I shared this word she was just weeping and weeping. She then told us that she had quit drinking 8 months ago, she had lost her husband and her job, was living on a $700 income monthly, prosperity was more than welcome in her life. She accepted what we prayed for her, then a guy on our team gave her the father's blessing, and she left with a big smile telling us that she was going to get her mother that we could speak into her life too.

Then in Vancouver, many were also impacted by the love of Jesus. I recall one time when our team (3 women) ministered to a Buddhist guy who was immensely moved by our words. In return he wanted to bless us. As I stood up to show him our guest book, he put his hands on my head. The other members of the team were in shock. I smiled as I knew God was testing me; in 2013 we went ministering to Catholics in France. We heard later that they we're practicing voodoo (who knows!). I was very scared and shaky about that. But this time, I now know that I have the mind of Christ who is living in me and He is greater than the one in the world. Whosoever touches me, touches Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven. My identity is in Christ."

Thanks so much, Pauline for sharing your testimonies of taking risk!