Slow Down!

Tell us what happened:

I had just left from a midweek Light in Film gathering, my journey home took me across the Cambie bridge. I filled the time talking to God, thanking Him for everything that He was doing, and as I was about to get to the end of the bridge, I heard God say, “Slow down Jess. Slow down your thoughts. Slow down.” So I did.

I stopped and took in the view; it was beautiful outside. “Slow down. Right! This is good."  I saw this girl walking the opposite way, and then she suddenly stopped in the middle of the bridge looking out towards the city. I thought, "oh, she’s doing exact same thing as I am, enjoying the view". But then she put her leg over the railing towards the ocean. I heard God say “She wants to commit suicide. Go talk to her.” But then I thought "No, was that God or just me?"

I couldn’t stop looking at her and wondering what she was doing. I thought maybe she was just taking a picture, some form of new trend that I didn’t know about, maybe it’s a cool Instagram picture. Then a group of people started walking in her direction and she pulled her leg back to the bridge. So I thought "Oh yeah it was for a picture, okay cool", but I couldn’t leave without watching her, to see what she was going to do. My feet were glued to the floor, inside I was hoping she was going to walk away so I could leave, but she didn’t. Soon after she looked around, didn’t see anyone else walking past, she then stepped over the railing again with one leg. So I walked up to her and said, “Wow, that’s really bold of you to put your leg over the railing; like that takes crazy guts. What's going on?”

She replied, “I’m honestly wanting to jump off this bridge right now."

Oh, Jesus help me! I asked her what was going on to make her want to do that, but she brushed me off, by now I was holding on to one of her hands. Then suddenly another guy started running towards us, yelling “don’t do it don’t do it don’t do it! I was where you are” and he wrapped his hands around her tightly, so she wouldn’t jump.

I started sharing my testimony with her, but she just rolled her eyes, giving me the impression she didn't care. I knew that right now would be the best time to get a word of knowledge about her life, so I asked, “This is random but is there anything going on with you and your dad?” She said ‘No, he’s great’ oh... “your mom?” ‘No, she’s great”, all I could think was Jesus, I got nothing! Then I looked around to see a cop car pull up, two officers got out and jumped over. They handcuffed her and planned to take her to the hospital. I just kept thinking the entire time that God set this up.

If I had asked for a ride home, or taken a cab, I wouldn't' have stopped at the bridge. If I wasn’t obedient when I saw her, then who knows what could have happened. God‘s protection was upon her and He wanted her to know that He has a plan for her life. After, I just kept thinking of all the things that I could have said in that situation. I could’ve spoken identity over her, but God stopped me and said “No! You said exactly what I needed you to say. if I wanted you to say something else, I would’ve told you.”