Miracles in Palm Springs

Tell us what happened:

"Myself and a group of Ministry friends from Light in Film, were in Palm Springs at the Joshua Mills conference last month. We were walking out of our session and we see a man walking in front of us with 'Chaplaincy' written on his jacket. One of us walked over to him and started talking about Light in Film and how we started; Chaplains in the entertainment industry. They talked for about 30 minutes while I was just listening. At the end of the conversation I asked him if I could pray with him for any pain he may have in his body. He said yes and I prayed for his knees, and they were completely healed. He asked us to join his chaplaincy meeting the next day. When we did, we got to share God’s heart for them, telling stories about words of knowledge we have had, both successes and failures, he graciously let us prophesy and pray over everyone. We were able to inject God’s life into the Chaplaincy. Following the meeting, I also got to pray for a man who was scared of walking. After praying for him, he managed to walk for about 5 minutes, albeit, slowly, but he walked and was encouraged to face his fear."

We love that good news always goes with us EVERYWHERE, and we love that God's heart always comes through.  Thanks so much JD for sending in this awesome testimony of God's healing, heart, and His faithfulness!