Gifts & Surprises

Tell us what happened!:

"Yesterday's Blessing:
In the past month my husband and I both twisted our eye glass frames and needed new ones but we are on a tight budget.
Yesterday we were walking by the store we have been buying our family's eye wear for 20 years. We stopped in to say hello and the owner informed us
she sold the business. Through her tears, we offered comfort on her new life and from the heart joked in regards to her new life!
Before leaving she insisted we both pick out new frames and gave them to us for free! God is Good over $400 in value! Bless and you shall be Blessed!

Today's Blessing:
I pulled in a full service station to fill up and the attendant was so joyful we laughed and laughed!
As I was waiting I heard the Holy Spirit say Bless him with $20, I asked Holy Spirit to confirm as I am on a tight budget HS confirmed.
I blessed the attendant who was shocked and most grateful.
Later that afternoon I walked our dog and found a crispy new $20.
I didn't give that man the $20 to gain anything back I gave him the money because God wanted to Bless him.
the Father knew I also needed that $20 today and found a way to bless me too.

God is so Good!"

Cheques In The Mail

"I read the offering declaration aloud the during our very first Sunday worship service... One particular declaration was having cheques in the mail. I whispered softly to myself "Yes please, I would like that very much" and thought nothing much of it after that. Last week, I was really cash strapped and found out that the money that was owed to me from the company is still not available. Drat. I found some money that I used as a book mark on the way back from one of my trip, which helped - and I was grateful - but I told the Lord "I needed a bigger miracle than that...yes sir, yes sir, three bags full" ... And then it finally came!.

I had gone through a pile of mail that was lying on the breakfast table a few days before and all of them were for someone else. I just felt a strange sense to look again. Buried deep under the pile was a letter addressed to me. I quickly dismissed this as just another annoying bill... But once I opened it, I was thrilled to bits that it was a cheque for $500!! Yay God!! Whenever you think that there is nothing, I would encourage you folks to look again. God has gems hidden everywhere for you.. After all, It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search it out!."