Moved by Compassion

Tell us what happened:

"Last Sunday, I was having lunch with my sister and brother-in-law at a restaurant in Montréal. They were telling me about a friend who is suffering from a serious heart condition. While they were telling me about her, I was overwhelmed with great compassion.

All of a sudden, this woman walked into the restaurant with her husband and other friends. I felt as though I had to pray for her. After excusing myself, I looked for her and found her on the terrace. I introduced myself and shared what I was feeling in my heart. She warmly agreed for me to pray for her on the spot. While praying, I sensed the presence of God, it was so strong. She hugged me and so did her husband, who was very moved at what had just happened. I felt such a great joy all day long, because i chose to step out in faith and offer to pray for a stranger. I had done my part and surely, God would take over."