Debts Paid Off

Last Sunday a testimony was shared about debts being paid off...

About a month ago the person had a dream at night which involved them receiving a cheque from a stranger, enabling them to pay off debts.  Then around two weeks later, they randomly found out about a Bond account which had a lot of money sitting in it, enough money to pay off their student debt!!

We believe that testimony is the spirit of prophecy!

Last Sunday, we released this testimony over the Church body, then just a few days later we received this piece of good news:

"It's always nice to find money in an old bank account that you thought was closed. I've heard of many stories about this but never thought that this could happen to me too. Eeehaw! Come on!"

If your in need of a financial miracle today, it's God's heart and nature to do it again. We pray that it would be released into your circumstances NOW, no matter what the debt is.