Everyday Life

All because I Smiled...

"At my job, working for the city of surrey, front counter staff, an older gentleman approached my till and started a conversation. Before he did, I smiled and said hello, I guess my friendly nature invited him to then tell me HIS testimony…

This gentleman had a limp walk, paralyzed right arm and was about 80 plus years of age. Bless his heart. We were not busy at the time so he just started to tell me a story of how he got his condition. It all started when he was six years old… he started feeling numb, and occasionally would fall over – losing balance in his right side. Long story short, at age six his condition got worse and was forced to stay at the hospital as the fear of death was approaching his life. Six months in the hospital, he also lost is speech and could not walk. His parents were devastated and at the time brought in a local pastor to pray for his healing. The doctors were sure he was doing to die. The man, telling me the story, looks me in the eyes and says in that moment when the pastor came he prayed and I accept the lord Jesus Christ as my savior (This man has no idea who I am and that I am too a believer of Christ).

Then the man goes, one miraculous day, still not able to walk or talk, he was watching a children’s TV program at the hospital and all of a sudden was able to talk to the TV. He started to talk! Then goes… I thought, well if I can talk I must be able to walk…(increased faith) the man said he got up from his rocking chair he was placed in, and started to walk. A MIRACLE happened that day.

The man, at age 6, accepting the lord Jesus as his savior, was miraculously healed of a death threatening disease. His father at the time was a pilot and the boy with his mother went to see his dad at work. The boy only would limp walk.. but when he saw his father, the boy was able to RUN.

Now fast forward to present day, this older gentleman just came up to me, because I smiled, and basically shared his personal testimony with me of how Jesus healed him at age 6. Then leaves.

All because I smiled at him."

We love hearing what God is doing with Emily in her life, and seeing the doors He's opening for her because of the Love she has to give!