Out for a Walk

We absolutely love Pauline's faith and her courage!  We love that God gives us courage, and meets us outside of the church so we can be moved by compassion, encourage the broken and weary, and prophetically release God's call on people's lives!  Thank-you Pauline for this very encouraging testimony!

"Walking around Lafarge Lake this morning, a young man in a wheelchair kept passing me. I noticed that his right leg was missing. I told the Holy Spirit that if He wanted me to pray for him, he had to stop and stay in one spot. Well, he did, just when I was walking near him for a 3rd time. I approached him gently, and inquired about his condition. He told me that he had cancer, and doctors had to amputate his leg. I offered prayer, and he accepted willingly. I commanded his leg to grow back and to be restore fully; I prayed for his immune system to be strengthened. Then, words of encouragement started flowing from my spirit; he would have a long, normal and healthy life; he would heal people suffering from cancer; he would be a blessing for others. I prayed joy, peace and love to inhabit his soul. I could see that he was moved, and I was too as something special was happening, the Kingdom of heaven was at hand. Indeed, that is what we are carrying. I then walked home full of the joy of the Lord."

Jobs + Better Jobs

Tell us what happened:

"Every week part of our declaration when tithing is for "jobs and better jobs".
Thank you to the entire group for standing in prayer with our family within these last six months;
All 3 of us have new jobs with better employers.
I lost my permanent job at the end of June but the Lord opened doors for me to keep working this whole time contract after contract.
Supplying for all my needs.
Finally after many interviews a recruiter I have never met or spoken to contacted me out of the blue, for a job I did not apply for,
The interview was the shortest I've ever had and within an hour I had the full time permanent position offer. I was stunned!
My current contract finishes in three weeks and my new job starts the following Monday.

I have had to Trust Him completely during these months of unknown search and territory and His timing of answering prayers is as always impeccable!"

Thanks for sharing, Rose! We are celebrating with you. We believe in you and all you were born to for.  You know what it says next? Raises and Bonuses! :-)

I Want My Keys Back

"On Friday when my sister and I got home from the hospital, we weren't able to find my keys. I had used them to locked my door, then my sister took them to get the handicap pass out of my car. She was sure she had given them back to me, and I was sure she hadn't. I started praying "God, I want my keys back". We checked our bags and pockets, she checked both cars, we called the hospital and still no keys. Fortunately my sister has a copy of my house key and I also have an extra car key. So we were able to get in the house with no problem. Still it was incredibly frustrating to have lost a complete set.

The next day, my sister noticed a note attached to the mailbox which said "keys found" with a phone number. We called, and on the other end was lady, who had found my keys on my street, just a few feet from my car. I feel so blessed, and know that God was watching out for me. Someone could have quite easily picked them up and driven away with my car. It could have also presented an opportunity to access my house and the insurance insurance papers with all my details right there for anyone to see!

I am so thankful that God cares about everything in my life, including my keys."

Thanks for sharing your story, Judy! We are celebrating with you :-)