Gifts & Surprises

Tell us what happened!:

"Yesterday's Blessing:
In the past month my husband and I both twisted our eye glass frames and needed new ones but we are on a tight budget.
Yesterday we were walking by the store we have been buying our family's eye wear for 20 years. We stopped in to say hello and the owner informed us
she sold the business. Through her tears, we offered comfort on her new life and from the heart joked in regards to her new life!
Before leaving she insisted we both pick out new frames and gave them to us for free! God is Good over $400 in value! Bless and you shall be Blessed!

Today's Blessing:
I pulled in a full service station to fill up and the attendant was so joyful we laughed and laughed!
As I was waiting I heard the Holy Spirit say Bless him with $20, I asked Holy Spirit to confirm as I am on a tight budget HS confirmed.
I blessed the attendant who was shocked and most grateful.
Later that afternoon I walked our dog and found a crispy new $20.
I didn't give that man the $20 to gain anything back I gave him the money because God wanted to Bless him.
the Father knew I also needed that $20 today and found a way to bless me too.

God is so Good!"

Gifts & Surprises

Tell us what happened:

"Somebody just came up to me randomly and gave me a wad of cash with my name on it! I was going to thank the person but I found out later that he actually found it lying around somewhere and it wasn't actually from him!!! I was going to thank this person for his random act of kindness but I'm still clueless as to who actually gave this to me! Crazy! God is so freaking good!"

Financial blessings!! Thanks for sharing your good news.

Finding Glory

Tell us what happened:

"this church never fails to amaze me... If you haven't been here yet you should definitely check it out. A few weeks ago, the entire church just decided to go out and give out a bunch of gift cards to love on random strangers. People just got loved bombed left, right and center without even knowing why... Some more than once!. Come on! These people really know how to love well. Since I've started attending, I've been finding money and receiving checks in the mail so many times I've actually lost count. Last week, someone that I haven't seen for a good six years just decided to send me $200 in cash!! crazy... God is so good!"

As we declare every Sunday... Thank you Lord for meeting all of our financial needs, so we may have more than enough to give into the Kingdom of God and promote the Gospel of Jesus... Hallelujah!

Thanks for sharing what God is doing in your life! We are so happy that you found our community and that you are excited about partnering with God to make the Kingdom tangible in our City.

Debts Paid Off

Last Sunday a testimony was shared about debts being paid off...

About a month ago the person had a dream at night which involved them receiving a cheque from a stranger, enabling them to pay off debts.  Then around two weeks later, they randomly found out about a Bond account which had a lot of money sitting in it, enough money to pay off their student debt!!

We believe that testimony is the spirit of prophecy!

Last Sunday, we released this testimony over the Church body, then just a few days later we received this piece of good news:

"It's always nice to find money in an old bank account that you thought was closed. I've heard of many stories about this but never thought that this could happen to me too. Eeehaw! Come on!"

If your in need of a financial miracle today, it's God's heart and nature to do it again. We pray that it would be released into your circumstances NOW, no matter what the debt is.