Kingdom Ministry

The Saints

From the moment you received Christ, you began your Full Time Ministry. For too long the term 'Ministry' has been boxed into the confines of the Church (sphere of influence). We believe that if you are a Doctor, then you're in full time ministry! And if you're flipping burgers at McDonald's, you're in full time ministry. You're World is your ministry.

In 1 Peter, it outlines who we are as New Covenant people (2:4-10). We are a Royal Priesthood, a Holy Nation, and Gods Special Possession. If you've entered the Kingdom, you're part of the Priesthood. It doesn't exclude anyone! You don't have to wait 5 Years, or until you've had a Child. And it doesn't mention Lay People anywhere! The born again believer is a Royal Priest and Saint.

The Lay People

There's no such thing as Lay People in the body of Christ! In the Book of Revelation (2:6), Jesus talks about His hatred for 'the deeds of the Nicolaitans'. The word Nicolaitan means 'conqueror of the lay people'. The Nicolaitans separated the Body of Christ into two categories, those who minister and those who get ministered to. The result of this way of life, is a people who's purpose is in their leadership. They don't feed themselves, they look to 'Moses' to do it for them.


In Ephesians 4 we read about the Gifts to the Church. It speaks of the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher. Each of these Gifts to the church carries grace for others to operate in each Gift. It's their job to equip the Saints for the work of service. For instance, the Prophet will hook up your phone line and teach you how to hear Gods voice. Not just for yourself but for other people. If they're equipping the Saints, who's doing the work of service? Its the Saints.

The purpose is to create mature believers, by equipping them with each of the Five graces mentioned. The fruit of a mature family is that the body builds up the body. Because the body has been equipped with grace and applied it to everyday life. If every time you have a problem you need the Pastor, then that's the problem. In fact if you're doing a really good job at equipping and releasing, the people you are equipping have outgrown you.

The size of our Harvest can be defined by the capacity in which the Saints are trained and empowered to live out their gifting, calling and anointing.