God is Good

Out for a Walk

We absolutely love Pauline's faith and her courage!  We love that God gives us courage, and meets us outside of the church so we can be moved by compassion, encourage the broken and weary, and prophetically release God's call on people's lives!  Thank-you Pauline for this very encouraging testimony!

"Walking around Lafarge Lake this morning, a young man in a wheelchair kept passing me. I noticed that his right leg was missing. I told the Holy Spirit that if He wanted me to pray for him, he had to stop and stay in one spot. Well, he did, just when I was walking near him for a 3rd time. I approached him gently, and inquired about his condition. He told me that he had cancer, and doctors had to amputate his leg. I offered prayer, and he accepted willingly. I commanded his leg to grow back and to be restore fully; I prayed for his immune system to be strengthened. Then, words of encouragement started flowing from my spirit; he would have a long, normal and healthy life; he would heal people suffering from cancer; he would be a blessing for others. I prayed joy, peace and love to inhabit his soul. I could see that he was moved, and I was too as something special was happening, the Kingdom of heaven was at hand. Indeed, that is what we are carrying. I then walked home full of the joy of the Lord."

Jack & the Bean

We love seeing what happens when people partner with God, seeing others get wrecked by His extravagant love! Recently Pauline went on two Ministry opportunities and has these great stories to share...

"In Calgary, we touched many lives. I remember a lady in her late 20's who came for a spiritual reading. As we were listening to God, I received "Jack And The Bean". I told Holy Spirit that He could do better than that. "Jack And The Bean" I heard again. As we all started sharing, I told her that in the past she had experienced great trials, especially financial, but because she had slain a giant in her life prosperity was around the corner. As I shared this word she was just weeping and weeping. She then told us that she had quit drinking 8 months ago, she had lost her husband and her job, was living on a $700 income monthly, prosperity was more than welcome in her life. She accepted what we prayed for her, then a guy on our team gave her the father's blessing, and she left with a big smile telling us that she was going to get her mother that we could speak into her life too.

Then in Vancouver, many were also impacted by the love of Jesus. I recall one time when our team (3 women) ministered to a Buddhist guy who was immensely moved by our words. In return he wanted to bless us. As I stood up to show him our guest book, he put his hands on my head. The other members of the team were in shock. I smiled as I knew God was testing me; in 2013 we went ministering to Catholics in France. We heard later that they we're practicing voodoo (who knows!). I was very scared and shaky about that. But this time, I now know that I have the mind of Christ who is living in me and He is greater than the one in the world. Whosoever touches me, touches Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven. My identity is in Christ."

Thanks so much, Pauline for sharing your testimonies of taking risk!

Friendship | Part 1

The reality of friendship with God is so grand.  I love that we get to live a life of intimacy with a creator that literally created ME just for Him to direct all of His love and affection towards.  I love that He created me to live a life of purpose and passion, and that before I was even born He purposed His own Son to die for me, so I could live a life of fruitfulness and holiness with Him eternally. 

Saying all of that is exactly what I believe, exactly what I do my very best to live out day to day; but over the past eight weeks, I have really been asking myself, what does Friendship with God really look like?  What does it mean to know that you are living a life of friendship?  How do you know if you moved from being a slave of righteousness to being a friend of God... Maybe I have been asking a lot of questions.. but I once heard that if you're not asking questions, then really, what's the point?  God desires a two way communication- He's excited by the fact we have the questions... OK, OK, that's another post for another day. 

We were once slaves to sin.  I think we can all agree on that.  Before the Lord sent His son for us, we lived in this cyclical life where we were in obedience to another principality, to ourselves, and not living a life that produced fruit.  Romans 6:28 says that when we were slaves to sin, we were free from the control of righteousness, and what benefit did we reap then?  BUT, God is so good... He purposed His Son to come for us, from the beginning of time, He designed an outcome that would produce such incredible fruit, and lead us back into partnership with him!  Because of His great sacrifice, we moved from being enslaved by sin, to being dead to sin! 

Romans 6:1-4:  "What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? By no means! We are those who have died to sin; how can we live in it any longer?  Or don’t you know that all of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death?  We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life."

Have you ever felt like there are seasons of your life where you feel like you are stuck in sin?  Where you can't propel forward, you can't get past it?!  Well, Good news:  YOU'RE NOT.  You may feel like you are, but that's the thing about feelings; they come and go, but truth always win.  When Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the light"; that word truth means reality.  The reality of who Jesus is to you is more concrete than your feelings.  Jesus shines light in the dark places, He speaks words of truth and reality about who you are, and because He abides in you, He brings you out all through the lens of love.  A little side note:  Something I have learned over the past two years is that the enemy loves to use your feelings against you, and propel you towards insanity (doing the same broken thing over and over again).  I have really learned to question my feelings, and make sure that they are focused on what God is doing, and not what isn't happening. Feelings can be a tool used to lie to us... because the Reality (Truth) of who Jesus is to us and for us is so much bigger than we can even comprehend!

Now that we have become Slaves to Righteousness, what happens?  Romans 6: 23 says that when we used to be slaves to sin, we learned obedience without fruit; but when now that we have become slaves to righteousness, we are now walking in obedience that bears much fruit:  holiness and ever-lasting life!  I believe that being a slave to righteousness its your starting line when you enter the Kingdom.  In this stage, we learn WHAT God is doing.  We are continually obedient, continually seeking the Spirit for every decision.  Now, I am not saying that friendship with God looks like not walking in obedience.. I'll get to that a bit later.  What I am saying is that God loves to see our obedience transition from sin to Him, and He loves to see us discover the "What's" of who He is! 

Andy is my biggest hero when it comes to walking out obedience.  The guy is SO obedient when the Lord speaks.  Being married to him has really challenged me to say Yes, to jump before I understand, before fear can get in the way! 

About two years ago, Andy was in a local Starbucks, and he was reading a book before work began.  This one day, a guy sat on the comfy chairs right next to him.  Of course, before you go to work, you want down time- you don't want to chat, you want to get yourself into the right head space before you have to give away a portion of who you are- especially if you are in Customer Service, like Andy is.  So the guy next to Andy started engaging with him... and because not everyone is open to talking with strangers, Andy reciprocated. As the conversation continued, Andy found out that he was a Pastor among other topics of conversation. One thing lead to another and by the end of the conversation Andy shared some things he felt were prophetically relevant that God may be wanting to encourage him with about his new ventures.  Andy modeled the "What" God was doing.  Two years later, this past Wednesday, we were invited to a Pastors gathering (the exact same venture that Andy had prophesied over two years prior), by the exact same man.  Not only that, but Andy's obedience paved a way for Andy to discover God's heart for the what.  When we walk in obedience, and do WHAT the Lord asks of us, we begin to learn His heart, which is the WHY.  

David is the perfect example of this.  God and Moses designed the temple together, they designed what worship life looked like... and David looked at it, and said, "Nope- it's not good enough for the Lord!"  Moses and the Lord had made it so that ONCE a year, ONE Priest would go into the Holy of Hollies, and worship, sacrifice, and do this whole shebang.  It was so pure that they would have to tie a rope around the priests waist and put bells on them, because there was a history of priests being instantly killed when they walked into the Lord's presence (the Ark of the Covenant).  Now David, a man beyond his time, a real friend of the Lord's, looked at this and decided that this wasn't good enough.  See, he understood the Lord's heart, he understood the WHY of the Lord.  Instead of just obeying, he instead turned the one day, into a 24/7 worship center for the Lord- sending in ALL of the priests to minister to the Lord.  Now, fast forward to the New Testament (Acts 2:25-28), it's David's worship plan, not Moses and God's that is apart of the new covenant.  Being a friend of God allows you to alter history, culture, and change the plans of God!  

Friendship with God begins with abiding in Him, and letting His words Abide in you.

To be continued...

Salt & Light | Part 2

It was August of 2009, and my Summer break from Ministry School was drawing to a close. I had spent the Holidays speaking and doing a little bit of ministry at my Church back in England.

After that time had come to an end, one of the leaders invited me to the front, and asked the congregation to pray blessings over me as a thank you. He invited anyone who had been personally impacted by what I had released during that time, to come forward and pray. When he began to speak, the involuntary shaking began... If you've not seen that before it really is quite amusing! But it was what happened next I will never forget..

As people began to come forwards (mostly my friends and family), my natural eyes started to do something really weird: The closer people got me, the more I was unable to physically keep them open. The people started changing into intense streaks of light, then from streaks to nothing but light. It was like staring into the sun, only the sun was right in front of me. Then I seemed to disappear for a second. Apparently not physically, I am fairly sure someone would have noticed. But most definitely my spirit was up to something... different!

When I came around, I was hunched over, ears ringing, surrounded by people, and it felt like my heart was trying to escape out of my chest. I think the last thing I remember was my mother laughing behind me, it was more laughing at me than with me (thanks mum! real funny.. ha) It's hard to describe something that you've only experienced once, and honestly doesn't really make much sense. As far as I am aware, I was the only one who saw what I saw. And it opened my eyes (no pun intended), to what we as the church look like in the realm of the spirit.

Jesus said YOU are the light of the World!

There's no way you could hide the light that I saw that day, it was too bright and too blinding. Like a City set on a hill, you couldn't hide even if you tried. As I wrote in Part 1, You are the salt and light of the world. Salt for preservation and light for revelation. What do you need to do to bring preservation (salt)?..... Just show up! God is faithful and He wants you to be too. There's power in loving your City, and we often don't see the effect we are having in the world of the spirit. The story of Lot's wife seems to allude to this, she just couldn't give up what she lived to preserve (Genesis 19:26).

But how do you bring light (revelation)?

Throughout Jesus' life and ministry, He revealed to this kingdom, what it looked like to live in His Kingdom. Jesus is the perfect reflection of the Father. He modeled the value system of His very own Kingdom. He only did what He saw the Father doing!

One of the ways that Jesus modeled for us, was outlined in Acts 10:38.

"God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him."

Before you get upset, I want to add that this was just an example. There are many dimensions to the Kingdom. Performing signs and wonders (such as healing) is not the final word on revealing it, but in order to reveal the Kingdom we have to show it to people in all of its dimensions. Also, I am not reproducing the same fruit that Jesus modeled (not even close); but that doesn't mean that I am not meant to. Greater works was His declaration (the context being miracles).

My point is merely this.. Whatever God is revealing to you about His Kingdom (which is the expression of His nature), just keep living it out. He wants the way that you live, to reveal His nature to the Kingdoms here on the Earth. Sometimes the process of seeing takes a while, but you cannot show to other people what you cannot see. But be of good cheer, because He hides revelation for you, not from you! Which means His intention is to give it to those who want it.

The Miracle Baby

All you lovers of God who want to please Him, Come & listen, and I'll tell you what He did for me! Psalms 66:16 (The Passion Translation)

Testimony is the Spirit of Prophecy (Rev. 19:10). The stories of what God has done for you and through you is what changes culture and builds faith! We want to constantly be focusing on what God is doing! Partner with us, and and send us story!

Today's Testimony comes from Karen:

"Back in the spring, I was at my doctor's office. It was just the receptionist and myself in the office. We were talking, and she let me know that she was pregnant. I congratulated her, but she said that she was having problem with spotting and bleeding, so wasn't sure if she would lose the baby or not. I asked her if I could pray for her. She said, "Yes, but what do I need to do?" I said you don't need to do anything, but sit there. So I prayed. I thanked Jesus that he loved her and her baby. I prayed health over her and her baby. I prophesied what this baby was going to do in her and her husband's lives. She started crying and gave me a hug. I am happy to report that mom went on maternity leave last week, and she's due to have the baby at the beginning of November. I stopped by the office to give her a gift for her baby a couple of weeks ago, and she told me that she knows that something happened that day when I prayed for her. She said that she knows that her baby is a miracle baby!!! Yes, Jesus!!"

We LOVE good news!  Share the good news of what God is up to.  Let's build faith, extend the kingdom, and change culture with the Love of Jesus.

Abiding & Trusting

There are a couple things in life that really get me excited - Coffee, blogging and Jesus. So when Dani approached me with the opportunity to write for you guys about this season of my life, needless to say I was rather excited to sit down with an iced latte, in a cute little coffee shop and pour my heart out. I love being able to share what the Lord is doing in my life in hopes that someone out there is this big world is moved, impacted or even changed. Lets start of by introducing myself, Hi, my name is Melissa, I'm 22 years old and this season of my life has been anything but boring. It has been a season characterized by learning what it really means to trust and abide in the Lord.

Over the course of the last 3 years I have been studying at Summit Pacific Bible college with the hopes of graduating and becoming a Pastor. That was my plan. I knew I had variety of pastoral giftings and most of the people around me had labeled me as a pastor. With the best intentions they called out all of these awesome giftings in me and encouraged me in my direction. With a year and a half left, it finally hit me, this whole time I had neglected to even consider if this was my plan or the Lord's plan for my life. This realization sent my life into a little bit of a whirlwind. The life I had grown so comfortable with was gone. I dropped out of bible college, and got a job working at Starbucks. I went from living on campus with all my friends, to moving back home with my parents and brother. It was like my life did a complete 180 and I was back at square one. No idea what I was doing or where I was going. In some ways I guess you could say I felt a bit like a failure. I felt like I had lost control on my life and I didn’t know how to get it back. I knew that now, more than ever before in my life, I needed to really learn how to Trust the Lord. The whole time I could hear His still, small voice whispering, “Melissa, do you trust me?” During this time, Proverbs 3:5-6 really came to life for me.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

This was a verse I had known for the majority of my life, but until this moment it never really stuck. Thus the theme of this last few months burst into existence. Completely immersing myself in trusting the Lord that has yet to give me any reason to not trust him. Learning to trust that HE has a plan for me and that He’s not leaving me out to dry. Trusting that even though it's the unknown and even though it might not be the most typically exciting season, that He's got countless blessings for me on the other side. Trusting that He has a purpose for this season and every other season. Trusting that He sees the big picture — the whole picture and all I can see is what is in front of me. By no means do I have all the answers and yes, most days I really suck at trusting Him, but the point is I'm getting there. I'm acknowledging that His plan is far greater than any plan I could come up with. Do I know where i’m going to be in the next couple years? Nope. Do I know what my career is going to be? Nope. Does that completely freak me out? 100%, but I’m OK with that. He’s got me — right in the palm of His hand and He’s never going to let go of me. I am His beloved.

Trusting Him, can be painful at times. It’s a completely selfless act. It truly requires you to pick up your cross, but I promise you it is SO worth it. The feeling is so rewarding in the long run and like they say nothing worth having ever came easy. Not only did my life drastically improve when I started to trust Him and abide in His words and promises but my relationship with the Lord has been flourishing. So go ahead, try trusting Him a little more, see how your life changes. In fact I dare you to begin to really trust Him. The outcome is so beautiful.

- Melissa



Melissa is a barista at Starbucks and from Langley.  She is passionate about seeing young women fall in love with their creator and at the same time seeing ho valued and precious they are!  Melissa has her own blog; My Beloved is redefining what it means to be a women in today's world. Creating a culture of women that are confident, bold, and full of joy. Most of all, creating a culture of women that are completely captivated by their Father, and live lives that are a reflection of Him.

WEBSITE - My Beloved

Process to Promise

About a year ago, I was sitting in our neighborhood Starbucks.  Andy was at work, I had been doing some editing and was taking a break.  At the time, I felt as if I had been running on fumes, and feeling like we had walked through some disappointments.  There were many unanswered questions, and what felt like pain-numbing silence on the other end.  Who knows that when your not hearing from Him, it doesn't mean He isn't speaking- He's just changed the way He's speaking; it is the beauty of this relationship.  As I was sitting there, I felt prompted to read Luke.

I began reading, not with any purpose, or looking for a solution, but just to read.  As I read the first chapter, I began to feel alive.  I couldn't go beyond Chapter one... Now, I literally got stuck in the FIRST chapter of Luke... For months.  The first chapter of Luke is all about John being announced to Zacharias; Elizabeth getting pregnant, and the conception of Jesus.  Two woman, both pregnant with children who would grow and change the world upside down. 

"Now after those days (Zacharias') wife, Elizabeth conceived; and she hid herself for five months, saying, 'Thus the Lord has dealt with me, in the days when He looked on me, to take away my REPROACH among people.'" -Luke 1:24 & 25

Reproach:  the expression of disapproval or disappointment

I was stunned by Elizabeth.  Here is a woman who was childless, and barren for so many years of her life, and YET she hides herself away for 5 months so the Lord could deal with her heart, her disappointment in the moment of promises being fulfilled.  How many times in life have we been disappointed (I could probably raise both hands and both feet right now) and done the complete opposite?  Maybe even made friends with disappointment, creating a victim mentality over our lives... missing the promise as it comes to fruition because the reproach is still too great in our hearts.  Elizabeth conceived this long awaited promise of a son, and immediately recognized that she had partnered with disappointment, and spent fives months with the Lord, walking out healing. 

What blows my mind, is that in month six, the angel Gabriel appears to her cousin, Mary.  So let's just get this straight:  Elizabeth, who has spent five months walking out personal healing with the Lord, giving Him tons of praise for the fulfillment of such an incredible promise, has a virginal cousin, who has found FAVOR with the Lord and conceives the Son of God.  God partners with us in process- He loves sacrifice, especially of the heart. Maybe the sacrifice of your heart is the open door to someone else walking into their destiny, the way Elizabeth was for Mary.  

The enemy wants to use disappointment of the past and the promises that have not come to pass to rob us of a life full of partnership with the Lord.  Don't let disappointment rob you of inheritance!  God has a greater reality for us to walk into!  He has promises He wants to see us fulfill- because we are His children!  God has already seen our victory, "He is the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End." (Rev. 22:13).  He isn't testing us- He is good!  He isn't giving us disappointment because He is nasty or because we haven't passed some test yet.  No, He's holding our hand, cheering us on, pushing us towards victory!   He knew that despite the disappointment of being barren for years, Elizabeth would walk out the renewing of her mind, being able to partner with heaven to literally see heaven come in the form of a man; Jesus. 

So what promises has the Lord given you?  Where can you count it all joy, and hold the promises in your heart, while walking through whatever process your in right now? 

I'm not perfect at this, and this has been my walk for the last year.  I want to constantly be placing what God IS doing in my mind, so that I am renewing my mind, restoring my heart, and getting rid of disappointment.  I want to be free to see others run after the promises the Lord has given them.

The Good Shepherd

Psalm 23

God is my Fierce Protector and my Pastor.
I always have more than enough.
He provides a resting place for me
In His luxury-love.
His tracks take me to the quiet brooks of bliss,
The oasis of peace.
That's where He restores and revives my life.
He opens before me the pathways to God's pleasure,
Leading me along in His footsteps of righteousness,
So that I can bring honor to His name.
Lord, even when Your path takes me through
The valley of deepest darkness
You remain close to me and lead me through it all the way.
Because You are with me I have no fear of danger!
Your authority is my strength and peace.
The comfort of Your love takes away my fear.
I'll never be lonely for You are near.
You become my delicious feast
Even when my enemies dare to fight.
You anoint me with the fragrance of Your Holy Spirit,
You give me all I can drink of You until my heart overflows.
So why would I fear the future?
For your goodness and unfailing love
Will always be my companions every day;
Then afterward-when my life is through
I'll return to Your glorious presence
To be forever with You!

The Passion Translation