Hearing Gods Voice

Some Red Carnations

Tell us what happened:

"Whilst spending time with God, He gave me a vision of encouraging someone on the street. Later, I was out and about doing a few things, when I asked Him where He wanted to go and if there was anything He wanted to do. God directed me to a flower shop, and I felt I was to buy three red carnations to give to someone. I walked past people on the street wondering who they were for... " Is it for this person?" but time and time again He would gently reply "Just wait". So I sat on the bench and rested for a bit. I began to pray over the city until I felt the nudge to go stand in a lit up area beside a store. I started to laugh because I literally looked as if a date went real bad as I stood there holding these flowers - God has a good sense of humor.

Soon after a lady, and I'm guessing her son, began to walk by me. I asked again "God, are they for her!?" "yes, that's her!" I started to feel really joyful! I asked for a word of knowledge, and felt that she was a nurse and that she needed some encouragement today. She went into the store which gave me some time because I started second guessing myself. A couple of minutes later, she came out and I felt the boldness to go over to ask if she was a nurse. And she was! I told her that I was practicing hearing God's voice and I felt that these flowers were for her. I then started giving her some encouragement, that she is really appreciated for all she does and for the hours of hard work she puts into her job. She began to glow and she was very thankful.

Quickly, she popped out her phone and told her son "Take a picture of us! I want to put this on Facebook!" As I was saying goodbye, she hugged me. The lasts words she uttered were, "Bless you." I walked away with a very full heart, knowing this lady felt loved and known, and we both got to share His presence in such a beautiful way."

Hearing Gods Voice

"Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the way that I hear God's voice. If you had asked me how I heard God a few months ago, I would have described it asmore of an 'instant download', something faster and more detailed than I would normally process on my own. It was always really clear to me when God was speaking, and of course, when you experience that it feels great.

But recently, I had felt that 'instant download' stop. I thought that maybe I wasn't listening hard enough, or that I wasn't being obedient enough when I had heard God's voice that maybe I was missing out, or maybe, He had stopped speaking to me altogether. I will admit, I didn't panic. I know that God is good and that God is always with me but, I couldn't help but feel sad about this new form of silence. I wanted to cultivate a deeper relationship with God, I wanted to go deeper, I wanted to hear more clearly, I wanted to hear God speak over me and into the lives of the people around me. But what I started to notice is that God was still speaking to me, but taking me through a new season of conversation. God was giving me actions, signs and physical items.

What was so beautiful about this gift is that the signs and wonders have always been difficult for me. I feel God's presence so strongly, but I have always had a hard time believing that God would actually deliver something physical to me. It's not that I don't believe the stories, but I guess I explained it away by believing it was one of those things we all experience differently. Signs and wonders were for some people, but they weren't for me.

I could write you the full story of all of the different times God appeared to me over the next few days but for brevity's sake, I will just provide you with a list:
1) While worshiping to the song 'Catch the Wind' God blew a strong gust of wind against my cheek, which was the complete opposite direction of the rest of the wind.
2) Chunks of gold glitter around my bedroom, that when I went to pick-up were no longer there to grab. (I also don't own anything glittery that would have left this residue)
3) During worship at The Stirring, I was reflecting on how everyone in the room was working with a different melody (metaphorically and spiritually) and how I wondered what our melodies would sound like together, as I was experimenting myself, and at that very moment, the music cut right out, and I heard God say to me "let's hear it!".

And the weird thing that happened after all of these signs/actions, is that my 'instant download' returned. I feel that this was God showing me how to hear His voice in a variety of different ways. He took me right into something I had struggled with in the past! Now I am experiencing a greater variety,

If you're struggling to hear God's voice, my prayer is for you to persevere. Look for the tiny signs, and don't dismiss the things you can easily write off as a fluke. Don't let yourself explain it away. Take it in, pray over it, believe that God is always with you."

Paying Attention

"I am in a season at the moment where my life seems a bit small. After being ill and off work for 5 months, I've been working part time, coming home and going to bed quite early. I feel fine but residual effects of the illness plus still being prone to infection, and taking anti-biotics has my energy level not back to where it should be. I prayed a few weeks back for opportunities to be useful, to be active in the Kingdom in spite of where I'm at.

A couple of days later, standing in line at a drug store I was behind a very elderly woman who had a few things that came to under $11.00. Her card was declined a few times. She rummaged in her purse and found $6.00 in change. She was becoming obviously upset and embarrassed so I offered to help. She was saying no but I asked the cashier what she needed. I paid, reassuring this lady that I had had times when I needed help. She burst into tears and hugged me. I told her I believed in a kind God and if we were all just a little bit kinder to one another the world would be a much better place.

Since then I have had this opportunity 3 more times. I've also started not retrieving my quarter or loonies when I get a shopping cart. Not about the money but I started doing this when I saw a woman with 2 toddlers trying to find a quarter. I've been in that place; Fractious kids, pouring rain and no flipping coin! So now I just leave a cart for someone else to use.

I also had the experience of being able to help a woman whose ADD son was having a meltdown in the mall. My grandson has this and when these kids get angry or frustrated and lose control it's very difficult. I felt so bad as people were making rude comments about her parenting and calling the child some ugly names. I prayed 'Lord what do I do?' 'Help her', was the answer. So I helped her stop him from pulling her hair. The presence of a stranger intervening calmed him a bit and we moved to a bench. She was upset and shaken. I bought some water and we sat for a bit and she told me some of her story and I shared some of mine. Everyone was smiling when we said goodbye.

So I write this to say that no matter how little or large your life is. If you're looking, listening and paying attention there is always something to do that matters in the Kingdom."

Thanks for sharing. Keep spreading the Good News!