My Valentine <3

Tell us what happened:

"It is a Happy Valentine story! I was going on my morning walk today (February 14), when I came across a sweet lady. We exchanged some Valentine words. I could tell she was from the Middle East by her look and accent. Because of snowy patches on the sidewalk, I told her to be extra careful. We talked a little more and I learnt that she was a Muslim. I noticed that she was limping and I asked her, politely, if she was injured; she had a sore knee. I offered to pray for her, but she was not comfortable with that. I did not force anything! Instead, as we were talkig I felt lead to ask for her forgiveness for the terrible massacre perpetrated by a Quebequer to her people in Quebec two weeks ago. I encouraged her that her people brought richness and zest to our culture and that we love them dearly. She was very moved and grateful.

The previous night, I was journaling a Song of Songs to my beloved Jesus, concluding with the drawing of two hearts His and mine united by an arrow. Jesus continued the conversation we were having the next day... After my walk, I noticed a little tree decorated with hearts, Cupids and teddy bears each of them holding a little red heart. There was an anonymous message "please take one". I brought home a little bear knowing that Jesus had sent me a special Valentine gift."