Love This City

As a Family we recently cancelled Church and went out into our local area to release random acts of kindness! Its something we have been wanting to do for sometime and honestly we set a date, and all of a sudden it was upon us...

Love this City is a movement based in New Zealand - The heart behind it is to impact the world with love, by inspiring a movement of kindness and radical generosity. At the very heart of this movement is ‘love with no agenda’ ­ for people to come together, united from throughout the city to demonstrate love and kindness, requiring nothing in return.

We collected gift cards, flowers, chocolates, cookies and bags. Then we divided everything up into personal "Lovebombs". After splitting into groups of around 5 or 6 (we had around 25-30 people) we took off to shift the atmosphere in Fremont Village, Port Coquitlam. There's really nothing else to it!! If people asked "Why?" our answer was simply "Because we love you, have a nice day!!"

There's nothing better than no strings attached expressions of love...


Thanks to Sincerely Cafe for helping spread the love, they donated lots of Gift Cards!! You guys are awesome!!

We had enough goodies to make over 100 bags (#lovebombs) to give away!!

Before we even got back to Sincerely Cafe (our headquarters), people were already posting about their experience on Facebook and Twitter...  #lovebombed


The response was awesome! There were people who politely declined (it's Canada after all, everyone is polite!), but for the most part people were happy to know that other people cared. Random acts of kindness are an incredible catalyst to change. We believe that generosity is the pathway for revival, not necessarily in the way you might think. But generosity awakens the hearts of people.

We had a great time, learned a lot about ourselves and other people. We will be doing this again sometime at the end of Summer, with hopes to do it on a much larger scale in the near future... We hope you might join us.... Until then have fun #Lovebombing people.... Well, just because...

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