Treasure Hunts

Tell us what happened:

Recently a group of us went out on a Treasure Hunt. Whilst pulling into a parking lot to start, we noticed a group of young people sitting outside of a School, listening to loud music. My friend and I noticed them and talked about maybe going to visit first, after parking. As we were gathering together as a group, they began playing my friends favourite song on their loud speakers (the person I drove with and was just talking about). It seemed like a Holy Spirit moment, as if He was getting our attention and drawing us in that direction.

While another group was on their way back from speaking to another Treasure, we decided we would go over to the group by the school. When we got there, we began a conversation about their Halloween costumes and the amount of good candy they had picked up. After building some rapport, we asked for their help, as we were on a 'Halloween treasure hunt'. After exhausting our maps with the clues, only one stood out, "sports injury". We asked her if it was in pain right then, and apparently it didn't give her problems until she played sports.

We asked if they wanted to try something out really fast, and they were intrigued enough to say yes. We prompted one of them to put her hand on her friend's injured knee and to repeat after me, "knee i command you to behave in the name of Jesus Christ". She did, and we asked her to tell us what was happening, whether she felt, or sensed anything happening. She said that her knee got really hot. I explained to her that God's healing presence often feels as heat or tingling, He was dropping in to say hello, because of how much He loved her and wanted to heal her knee. After explaining what was happening, we asked her to speak it over her again. As soon as she did, her knee began to get hot again! Afterwards, she began to really open up, enough to let us pray for her future calling (she wants to be a Doctor). We declared that God would provide all that she needed including the finances to make it happen. This future doctor, just met the great physician!

Praise God!

My Eyes Are Healed

Tell us what happened:

In November 2016, The stirring invited T.J. Green from Voice of Revival to come for a two day Conference. He had a word of knowledge about glaucoma, a condition that involves high pressure in the eyes that can lead to blindness if not monitored closely. Because I have this condition, some of the Stirring ministry team, prayed for me. Fast forward to last Friday, I had my semi-annual visual field test and in which they take a reading of the pressure in my eyes... "WOW!"... The technician exclaimed to herself... "Have you been taking drops for the pressure?" I replied "No"... My eyes usually register a 24 or 25 on the reading scale, but now the pressure had dropped to the 'safe zone', which was number 17. My eyes are healed!!! Thank you Jesus.

I Want My Keys Back

"On Friday when my sister and I got home from the hospital, we weren't able to find my keys. I had used them to locked my door, then my sister took them to get the handicap pass out of my car. She was sure she had given them back to me, and I was sure she hadn't. I started praying "God, I want my keys back". We checked our bags and pockets, she checked both cars, we called the hospital and still no keys. Fortunately my sister has a copy of my house key and I also have an extra car key. So we were able to get in the house with no problem. Still it was incredibly frustrating to have lost a complete set.

The next day, my sister noticed a note attached to the mailbox which said "keys found" with a phone number. We called, and on the other end was lady, who had found my keys on my street, just a few feet from my car. I feel so blessed, and know that God was watching out for me. Someone could have quite easily picked them up and driven away with my car. It could have also presented an opportunity to access my house and the insurance insurance papers with all my details right there for anyone to see!

I am so thankful that God cares about everything in my life, including my keys."

Thanks for sharing your story, Judy! We are celebrating with you :-)