Process to Promise

About a year ago, I was sitting in our neighborhood Starbucks.  Andy was at work, I had been doing some editing and was taking a break.  At the time, I felt as if I had been running on fumes, and feeling like we had walked through some disappointments.  There were many unanswered questions, and what felt like pain-numbing silence on the other end.  Who knows that when your not hearing from Him, it doesn't mean He isn't speaking- He's just changed the way He's speaking; it is the beauty of this relationship.  As I was sitting there, I felt prompted to read Luke.

I began reading, not with any purpose, or looking for a solution, but just to read.  As I read the first chapter, I began to feel alive.  I couldn't go beyond Chapter one... Now, I literally got stuck in the FIRST chapter of Luke... For months.  The first chapter of Luke is all about John being announced to Zacharias; Elizabeth getting pregnant, and the conception of Jesus.  Two woman, both pregnant with children who would grow and change the world upside down. 

"Now after those days (Zacharias') wife, Elizabeth conceived; and she hid herself for five months, saying, 'Thus the Lord has dealt with me, in the days when He looked on me, to take away my REPROACH among people.'" -Luke 1:24 & 25

Reproach:  the expression of disapproval or disappointment

I was stunned by Elizabeth.  Here is a woman who was childless, and barren for so many years of her life, and YET she hides herself away for 5 months so the Lord could deal with her heart, her disappointment in the moment of promises being fulfilled.  How many times in life have we been disappointed (I could probably raise both hands and both feet right now) and done the complete opposite?  Maybe even made friends with disappointment, creating a victim mentality over our lives... missing the promise as it comes to fruition because the reproach is still too great in our hearts.  Elizabeth conceived this long awaited promise of a son, and immediately recognized that she had partnered with disappointment, and spent fives months with the Lord, walking out healing. 

What blows my mind, is that in month six, the angel Gabriel appears to her cousin, Mary.  So let's just get this straight:  Elizabeth, who has spent five months walking out personal healing with the Lord, giving Him tons of praise for the fulfillment of such an incredible promise, has a virginal cousin, who has found FAVOR with the Lord and conceives the Son of God.  God partners with us in process- He loves sacrifice, especially of the heart. Maybe the sacrifice of your heart is the open door to someone else walking into their destiny, the way Elizabeth was for Mary.  

The enemy wants to use disappointment of the past and the promises that have not come to pass to rob us of a life full of partnership with the Lord.  Don't let disappointment rob you of inheritance!  God has a greater reality for us to walk into!  He has promises He wants to see us fulfill- because we are His children!  God has already seen our victory, "He is the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End." (Rev. 22:13).  He isn't testing us- He is good!  He isn't giving us disappointment because He is nasty or because we haven't passed some test yet.  No, He's holding our hand, cheering us on, pushing us towards victory!   He knew that despite the disappointment of being barren for years, Elizabeth would walk out the renewing of her mind, being able to partner with heaven to literally see heaven come in the form of a man; Jesus. 

So what promises has the Lord given you?  Where can you count it all joy, and hold the promises in your heart, while walking through whatever process your in right now? 

I'm not perfect at this, and this has been my walk for the last year.  I want to constantly be placing what God IS doing in my mind, so that I am renewing my mind, restoring my heart, and getting rid of disappointment.  I want to be free to see others run after the promises the Lord has given them.