Some Red Carnations

Tell us what happened:

"Whilst spending time with God, He gave me a vision of encouraging someone on the street. Later, I was out and about doing a few things, when I asked Him where He wanted to go and if there was anything He wanted to do. God directed me to a flower shop, and I felt I was to buy three red carnations to give to someone. I walked past people on the street wondering who they were for... " Is it for this person?" but time and time again He would gently reply "Just wait". So I sat on the bench and rested for a bit. I began to pray over the city until I felt the nudge to go stand in a lit up area beside a store. I started to laugh because I literally looked as if a date went real bad as I stood there holding these flowers - God has a good sense of humor.

Soon after a lady, and I'm guessing her son, began to walk by me. I asked again "God, are they for her!?" "yes, that's her!" I started to feel really joyful! I asked for a word of knowledge, and felt that she was a nurse and that she needed some encouragement today. She went into the store which gave me some time because I started second guessing myself. A couple of minutes later, she came out and I felt the boldness to go over to ask if she was a nurse. And she was! I told her that I was practicing hearing God's voice and I felt that these flowers were for her. I then started giving her some encouragement, that she is really appreciated for all she does and for the hours of hard work she puts into her job. She began to glow and she was very thankful.

Quickly, she popped out her phone and told her son "Take a picture of us! I want to put this on Facebook!" As I was saying goodbye, she hugged me. The lasts words she uttered were, "Bless you." I walked away with a very full heart, knowing this lady felt loved and known, and we both got to share His presence in such a beautiful way."

Out To Lunch

Tell us what happened?:

Yesterday after Church, we went out for Lunch with some other people from The Stirring. We were having a really great time, just catching up and connecting. As we were paying for our meals, I began feeling a light sensation in my elbow joint. I guessed it was a word of knowledge for our Server, so I took a moment think over how I was going to start the conversation. I didn't want her thinking I was 'Out to Lunch' in more ways than one... As she was about to leave I introduced myself and what I wanted to ask, before cracking a small joke to lighten the mood. Then I popped the question "Does either yourself or someone in your family have a problem with their elbow, or the joints in the body in general, like a constant uncomfortable ache or arthritis of some kind in a very specific spot?"

She replied... "Not me, but my Dad has **** which causes a fair amount of discomfort every day in his wrists"

After sharing why I was asking, and adding a little more fun at my own expense, it opened the door for me to pray for her Dad. We said a really short prayer and then she said... "Wow that would be amazing if when I get home he no longer has that condition!". She was really excited and intrigued. Our group stayed a little longer to have some coffee and keep talking, but as we were leaving she noticed and made a special effort to say goodbye.

Taking risks to extend the Kingdom is great fun, but intimidating, and it has to come from a place of rest and not performance. I have noticed that when I step out from a place of rest and fun, everything just goes better! The Father wants to talk to the people around us more than we do, and He wants to use you as the ice breaker."

What do you see? | Part 2

When Ezekiel found himself standing in the valley of dry bones, I don't imagine he was surprised by what he was about to see. His relationship with God was full to the brim with strange.

If God asks you a question like "can the remains of the these dead people live?" (Cut to the chase translation) you are probably unsure how to answer. Firstly, God knows all things, is able to make the bones live again and is the one who's directing the experience he is having. Ezekiel is more than familiar with being caught up in the spirit, the place where God shares secrets with His friends. His answer suggests that nothing would surprise him; "You know, Lord".

In the earth today there's a lot of good, there's also a lot of bad. Focusing on the bad is easy. The TV, magazines, newspapers and especially social media are plagued with it. It's a constant war between news that brings hope and news that breads fear.

What do you see?

When you look into the valley which God has bought you to, do you see the hope that is stored inside?

The bones of those who lay dormant and lifeless, belonged to an army that was once bruised and defeated. By whom, your guess is as good as mine! Do you have enough faith to believe that the hopeless situation you see can be reversed? Ezekiel's experience with the Creator, reveals a picture of His nature. And His heart towards what He created.

Before I woke up in 2008, I was much like the picture which Ezekiel saw. Lifeless, bruised and beaten. How everything changed for me in such a short time is a mystery and one day when I get to heaven, I want to know what happened behind the scenes of my time on earth. Probably available on DVD. I picture someone who's name I may never know, who's face I may never see, standing in the gap, speaking life into my future.

Recently our community prayed for a man, he was a family member of one of our closest. He was in a tragic car accident, much of his body was broken and bruised. He laid in a coma and the doctors were only able to share bad news about his circumstances.
We all stood at the edge of that valley and told him to wake up. Prayers that we had no idea how to pray, simply just decrees for his future.

Two days later, he woke up. Alive, responsive and able to talk.

In the valley that God has bought you to, what do you see? He's trusting you with it. What you choose to see could change history.

This is your mission should you choose to accept it.