What do you see? | Part 1

A few years ago, I had a fairly weird experience. Which now isn't uncommon but at the time it definitely was. It was during my first year at Ministry School, where I was pushed, pulled and dragged through all kinds of wonderful opportunities. All of which I am definitely grateful for! (We should never become accustomed to comfort.) The one I want to highlight in particular was 'Creativity'; which to me was a foreign idea. The first 24 years of my life probably included some forms of creativity, especially my younger years. But the older I got the less I really took notice, explored or played with it. I do remember taking up the guitar at around 7, before stopping at 8. I also remember drawing and painting as a child. But by High school, Art and Music were probably my least favourite classes.

Jumping back to Ministry School; one night after class, I spent some time in the Prayer Room. Now, this isn't remotely as boring as it sounds. In fact, it changed prayer for me completely. There's all kinds of fun things you can do in there, one of which is to draw (If you're finding prayer boring, do something different). At first I began playing around with some ideas that I thought were... Well literally just good ideas.  Mostly they were things that I thought would be good additions to either my future or to the lives of people I knew. Actually, I was kind of being a little bit selfish!

After a while I began drawing a birds eye view of a particular area in my city, buildings, roads and businesses (Still all just for fun). Then I decided that one of the buildings I had sketched would be an awesome location for a Church. So I decided, in my little make believe world, to give it to the Church I was currently attending whilst home in England. I got really into it and even started taking over other buildings that were closely situated (Picture the board game RISK) "this would be an awesome place for lots of people to worship” "this one would be an awesome Healing Rooms, where people can come for prayer". I never prayed over them as far as I can remember, it was more of an inside acknowledgement to God that I thought the ideas would be awesome. Afterwards, I packed it up and went on with the rest of the School year.

Fast forward to around 9 months later.

When I got home for for Summer holidays (vacation), I received a phone call from one of the Pastors at my Church. He began to tell me that a friend of mine (who'd come to visit me during the School year) had mentioned that I had a prophetic word about a Church building whilst at School. He asked if I would mind sharing it with them, so I said yes. Honestly, I hadn't planned on telling anyone (because I had completely forgotten), and didn't think that my friend would remember something like that, let alone think it was important enough to mention to anyone else. Long story short, I shared my word and showed my drawings. Much to everyone's surprise, my sketch was seemingly becoming a reality. They were looking at buying one of the three buildings in my drawing. Not perfectly accurate, but close enough! There are a lot of buildings in that city. What made it more surprising was that none of this was public knowledge at this point. Every possible question went through my mind, including the most obvious: Did I make that happen? Just so we are clear, the Church chose not to buy that building in the end. They thought carefully about it for a while but it never happened. Which presented me even more questions! Was that a fluke then? If so next time can I just have next weeks Lottery numbers? What was the point of all that? It didn't happen, so am I a false prophet...? What started off as a nice idea in my imagination began to become a reality, right before my eyes.

So, what do you do with that?

In Hebrews 11:3, it says "By faith we understand that the worlds were prepared by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things which are visible."

It's my opinion that everything we see, including this Mac-book I'm using to write; Before it was ever seen in the physical world, someone had to first envision it by imagination.

A great example of this would be Walt Disney, who's ideas revolutionized the entertainment industry during the Twentieth century. His employees were, and still are named 'Imagineers', a term coined by merging the Imagination with the skill of Engineering. They quite literally were told they had one job.... To dream of new ideas and extend the borders of the Magic Kingdom. Eventually, Walt's ideas turned into the Happiest Place on Earth; The wonder filled theme parks we all know and love. These, including their characters, were first ideas that were birthed in the imagination. He wasn't scared to dream and he became pregnant with a vision which has changed the world. Some would say that the imagination can be dangerous, and I would have to agree, that can be true. But the renewed mind (Rom 12:2) is a sanctified imagination.

Just to be clear, by sharing these two stories I am not attempting to compare myself to Walt Disney. Nor my weird experience to Walt's world changing secret sauce. In fact the only person my experience has changed is me; In the way I see myself, see God and Prayer. What Walt Disney imagined, he created. And it changed much of the World.

So what is my point?

God said that we were made in His image and in His likeness (Gen 1:26).

In other words: What God imagined about Himself, we became.

You are like your Dad!

You have the mind of Christ (1 Cor 2:16).

God wants to create with you. He is the Great Creator, and He's not finished creating. Actually that's where you come in. I wonder how many God (good) ideas we've dismissed or passed off under the guise of greed or "that's not something we pray for"? Could false humility be robbing the World of new inventions, new technology and creative solutions to global issues? The religious spirit would love to keep you boxed in vein repetition, repeating acceptable prayers. Does God want to use YOU to give birth to these kinds of ideas? If you are feeling as though prayer has become a boxed routine, do something different.

One thing I failed to mention earlier. The first building in my drawing was actually already owned by a furniture store... called DREAMS.

What is in your spirit?... What do YOU see?