All Pain Gone

Tell us what happened:

"Our Heavenly Father is so good!
I thank the entire group for praying for me three weeks ago.
As soon as the word of knowledge was shared and you all prayed, the pain I had in my side which
I have had for almost a year began to decrease, you all collectively kept praying and it kept decreasing until it was finally gone!
I have been healed and pain free since that Sunday!
Thank you for hosting His presence and allowing Him the freedom to move in our mists.

Eternally Grateful"

We are so happy for you, Rose! Thanks so much for sharing your good news with us :-)

Five Years Later

"Today I am so thankful to God for my life! It was 5 years ago today I found out there was masses on my lungs, these masses would turn out to be a rare form of cancer called Leiomyosarcoma. At that time the doctors told me to get my affairs in order as I only had a few month left.

When you are told you don't have long to live every moment becomes precious. Although things have not always been easy over the last 5 years God has been so good to me. I have never had any pain from my cancer and times I have been really ill has been from side effects of chemo. Yes I had days when I been down but they have been far and between and even the doctors comment on my positive attitude. But for me in is more than positive attitude it is my hope, trust and belief that my God is going to healing me.

Although I am not completely healed yet and the cancer has spread to my scalp, I am believing for total healing. Over all I am doing better than I have in a long time. I can walk farther without getting short of breath, I have more energy. Last year at this time I was on a liquid diet due to damage to my esophagus from radiation now I can eat almost anything.

Please stand and believe with me that God will finish the healing he has started in me, that my cancer will be completely gone. Thanks for all your friendship, prayers and support over the last 5 years."

A recent testimony from Judy.

Please continue to partner with Judy for full healing!

Thanksgiving & Purpose

I have spent this past week diving into "Strengthening Yourself in the Lord" by Bill Johnson.  I haven't read this book for about 6 years, but it has been so ground shaking for me this week.  I am currently reading about thanksgiving, and the power that thanksgiving has over disarming hell.  Not only does thanksgiving prepare the way for the Lord's presence, but it also calls us into the true reality of who God has called us to be.  When we become inner-focused, or navel gazing as I like to call it, we lose focus of who God is, what He has done, and we give access and open a door towards partnering with the enemy. 

Thanksgiving, even in the hardest of seasons, is a weapon that can destroy the plans of the enemy.  Right after we got married, when I was the only one working while we awaited Andy's immigration process, I think thanksgiving saved me.  Even when we were down to the last 30 cents, and I was dog-tired, I continually praised Him and gave thanks for everything that God was doing in our lives.  I was thankful for the small things, the big things, and even the most ridiculous things... but it began to shift my perspective, and kept my focus on Him, not the lack. 

The following is an excerpt from Bill's book.  If you haven't read it, I will give you my copy... it has given me so many tools to walking in Faith, even when it feels hard.

"When God tell us to give Him thanks, He is not insinuating that He gives in order to get something from us.  God doesn't manipulate us with His gifts.  He wants us to thank Him because thankfulness acknowledges the truth about our lives.  And when we agree with the truth, then the truth sets us free to see and manifest the greatness that He has put in us as the ones He has made in Him Image.  When we withhold thanks from God, we are actually cutting ourselves off from who we are.

In Romans 1:18-21, Paul explains that God has not kept who He is a secret.  Knowing God is not hard.  It is actually the most obvious thing in the world- all you have to do is glorify Him as God and be thankful.  This response, because it agrees with the truth, give you open access to the vast treasures of the knowledge of God.  But without that response, your thoughts become futile and your heart darkened.  Futile means purposeless.  When we fail to sustain the response of thanksgiving for everything in our lives, our thinking is cut off from our purpose in God.  "When we lose sight of our purpose, we will inevitably make choices that are outside of God's intentions for our lives."

I don't want to be cut off from the purpose that God has laid out for me.  God has designed a plan and purpose for me, and so if walking in thanksgiving is a way that I can partner with who He has called me to be.. I am going to do it.  Even when it is hard, even when I'm dead tired, and I need people to hold me up.  Thanksgiving leads me to His purpose and calling.  Thanksgiving keeps me SANE and ALIVE.