Treasure Hunt

Finding Treasure

Tell us what happened:

"During the Treasure Hunts last week, my team saw a group of teens sitting in Leigh Square and one of them was wearing 'blue shorts' which was on my list, so some of us approached them. We told them we were on a treasure hunt and asked if they could help us, to which they said yes. We told them we were looking for people with items on our treasure map. We mentioned the girl in the blue shorts, and asked whether or not either her or anyone else's names were on our list also. No one had any of the names on any list, but we got to celebrate taking the risk. Then we asked them about some of the other things that we had, such as back pain, sore feet etc and one guy had all of them, so we got to pray for healing, and then he let us prophesy over him. Turning the attention back to the girl with the blue shorts, we asked if there was anything way we could pray for her, and she agreed to let us bless her, also allowing us to prophesy over her about God giving her a creative gift in the arts.

After that a person on our team spotted a man in a 'cowboy hat', another clue on our list, so two people went over to talk to him. While we were waiting, I said hello to an older man at the bus stop. He asked me what we were doing and I told him that we were on a treasure hunt looking for people that God wanted to bless and maybe needed prayer for something, and he said "you can pray for me". He needed prayer for his leg, so we prayed for him. Afterwards, we asked him to test it out, he told me that his leg felt immediately better! Praise God. Then the man began to tell us about his Church background and why he doesn't go to Church anymore. I told him that God loves him and it doesn't matter what Church he goes to or doesn't go to, He is passionate about you regardless.

A little later we spotted a young woman with 'red hair' walking down the street with her boyfriend, I stopped them and told her we were on a treasure hunt and I believed she was my treasure, and then asked if I could bless her in any way? She said yes, we asked if she needed prayer for anything and she just shrugged her shoulders, as if to say not really. So I prophesied over her, I felt God wanted her to know that some negative things in her life were about to change for the good. She started to get teary eyed as her boyfriend nodded "yes that's so true". Afterward she didn't know what to say and could only smile with the encouragement."