Word of Knowledge

Some Red Carnations

Tell us what happened:

"Whilst spending time with God, He gave me a vision of encouraging someone on the street. Later, I was out and about doing a few things, when I asked Him where He wanted to go and if there was anything He wanted to do. God directed me to a flower shop, and I felt I was to buy three red carnations to give to someone. I walked past people on the street wondering who they were for... " Is it for this person?" but time and time again He would gently reply "Just wait". So I sat on the bench and rested for a bit. I began to pray over the city until I felt the nudge to go stand in a lit up area beside a store. I started to laugh because I literally looked as if a date went real bad as I stood there holding these flowers - God has a good sense of humor.

Soon after a lady, and I'm guessing her son, began to walk by me. I asked again "God, are they for her!?" "yes, that's her!" I started to feel really joyful! I asked for a word of knowledge, and felt that she was a nurse and that she needed some encouragement today. She went into the store which gave me some time because I started second guessing myself. A couple of minutes later, she came out and I felt the boldness to go over to ask if she was a nurse. And she was! I told her that I was practicing hearing God's voice and I felt that these flowers were for her. I then started giving her some encouragement, that she is really appreciated for all she does and for the hours of hard work she puts into her job. She began to glow and she was very thankful.

Quickly, she popped out her phone and told her son "Take a picture of us! I want to put this on Facebook!" As I was saying goodbye, she hugged me. The lasts words she uttered were, "Bless you." I walked away with a very full heart, knowing this lady felt loved and known, and we both got to share His presence in such a beautiful way."

Slow Down!

Tell us what happened:

I had just left from a midweek Light in Film gathering, my journey home took me across the Cambie bridge. I filled the time talking to God, thanking Him for everything that He was doing, and as I was about to get to the end of the bridge, I heard God say, “Slow down Jess. Slow down your thoughts. Slow down.” So I did.

I stopped and took in the view; it was beautiful outside. “Slow down. Right! This is good."  I saw this girl walking the opposite way, and then she suddenly stopped in the middle of the bridge looking out towards the city. I thought, "oh, she’s doing exact same thing as I am, enjoying the view". But then she put her leg over the railing towards the ocean. I heard God say “She wants to commit suicide. Go talk to her.” But then I thought "No, was that God or just me?"

I couldn’t stop looking at her and wondering what she was doing. I thought maybe she was just taking a picture, some form of new trend that I didn’t know about, maybe it’s a cool Instagram picture. Then a group of people started walking in her direction and she pulled her leg back to the bridge. So I thought "Oh yeah it was for a picture, okay cool", but I couldn’t leave without watching her, to see what she was going to do. My feet were glued to the floor, inside I was hoping she was going to walk away so I could leave, but she didn’t. Soon after she looked around, didn’t see anyone else walking past, she then stepped over the railing again with one leg. So I walked up to her and said, “Wow, that’s really bold of you to put your leg over the railing; like that takes crazy guts. What's going on?”

She replied, “I’m honestly wanting to jump off this bridge right now."

Oh, Jesus help me! I asked her what was going on to make her want to do that, but she brushed me off, by now I was holding on to one of her hands. Then suddenly another guy started running towards us, yelling “don’t do it don’t do it don’t do it! I was where you are” and he wrapped his hands around her tightly, so she wouldn’t jump.

I started sharing my testimony with her, but she just rolled her eyes, giving me the impression she didn't care. I knew that right now would be the best time to get a word of knowledge about her life, so I asked, “This is random but is there anything going on with you and your dad?” She said ‘No, he’s great’ oh... “your mom?” ‘No, she’s great”, all I could think was Jesus, I got nothing! Then I looked around to see a cop car pull up, two officers got out and jumped over. They handcuffed her and planned to take her to the hospital. I just kept thinking the entire time that God set this up.

If I had asked for a ride home, or taken a cab, I wouldn't' have stopped at the bridge. If I wasn’t obedient when I saw her, then who knows what could have happened. God‘s protection was upon her and He wanted her to know that He has a plan for her life. After, I just kept thinking of all the things that I could have said in that situation. I could’ve spoken identity over her, but God stopped me and said “No! You said exactly what I needed you to say. if I wanted you to say something else, I would’ve told you.”

Out To Lunch

Tell us what happened?:

Yesterday after Church, we went out for Lunch with some other people from The Stirring. We were having a really great time, just catching up and connecting. As we were paying for our meals, I began feeling a light sensation in my elbow joint. I guessed it was a word of knowledge for our Server, so I took a moment think over how I was going to start the conversation. I didn't want her thinking I was 'Out to Lunch' in more ways than one... As she was about to leave I introduced myself and what I wanted to ask, before cracking a small joke to lighten the mood. Then I popped the question "Does either yourself or someone in your family have a problem with their elbow, or the joints in the body in general, like a constant uncomfortable ache or arthritis of some kind in a very specific spot?"

She replied... "Not me, but my Dad has **** which causes a fair amount of discomfort every day in his wrists"

After sharing why I was asking, and adding a little more fun at my own expense, it opened the door for me to pray for her Dad. We said a really short prayer and then she said... "Wow that would be amazing if when I get home he no longer has that condition!". She was really excited and intrigued. Our group stayed a little longer to have some coffee and keep talking, but as we were leaving she noticed and made a special effort to say goodbye.

Taking risks to extend the Kingdom is great fun, but intimidating, and it has to come from a place of rest and not performance. I have noticed that when I step out from a place of rest and fun, everything just goes better! The Father wants to talk to the people around us more than we do, and He wants to use you as the ice breaker."

Treasure Hunts

Tell us what happened:

Recently a group of us went out on a Treasure Hunt. Whilst pulling into a parking lot to start, we noticed a group of young people sitting outside of a School, listening to loud music. My friend and I noticed them and talked about maybe going to visit first, after parking. As we were gathering together as a group, they began playing my friends favourite song on their loud speakers (the person I drove with and was just talking about). It seemed like a Holy Spirit moment, as if He was getting our attention and drawing us in that direction.

While another group was on their way back from speaking to another Treasure, we decided we would go over to the group by the school. When we got there, we began a conversation about their Halloween costumes and the amount of good candy they had picked up. After building some rapport, we asked for their help, as we were on a 'Halloween treasure hunt'. After exhausting our maps with the clues, only one stood out, "sports injury". We asked her if it was in pain right then, and apparently it didn't give her problems until she played sports.

We asked if they wanted to try something out really fast, and they were intrigued enough to say yes. We prompted one of them to put her hand on her friend's injured knee and to repeat after me, "knee i command you to behave in the name of Jesus Christ". She did, and we asked her to tell us what was happening, whether she felt, or sensed anything happening. She said that her knee got really hot. I explained to her that God's healing presence often feels as heat or tingling, He was dropping in to say hello, because of how much He loved her and wanted to heal her knee. After explaining what was happening, we asked her to speak it over her again. As soon as she did, her knee began to get hot again! Afterwards, she began to really open up, enough to let us pray for her future calling (she wants to be a Doctor). We declared that God would provide all that she needed including the finances to make it happen. This future doctor, just met the great physician!

Praise God!

My Eyes Are Healed

Tell us what happened:

In November 2016, The stirring invited T.J. Green from Voice of Revival to come for a two day Conference. He had a word of knowledge about glaucoma, a condition that involves high pressure in the eyes that can lead to blindness if not monitored closely. Because I have this condition, some of the Stirring ministry team, prayed for me. Fast forward to last Friday, I had my semi-annual visual field test and in which they take a reading of the pressure in my eyes... "WOW!"... The technician exclaimed to herself... "Have you been taking drops for the pressure?" I replied "No"... My eyes usually register a 24 or 25 on the reading scale, but now the pressure had dropped to the 'safe zone', which was number 17. My eyes are healed!!! Thank you Jesus.

Words of Knowledge

" Today whilst at work, a lady came through my checkout, as she was paying for her items I began to feel a pain in a small area on my left hand. When I became aware of it, I knew that I should at least risk being wrong. So I asked her "Excuse me, this might sound like a very bizarre question to be asked, and I am sorry if it is, but do you have pain right here in your left hand (pointing to the exact small area that I experienced the pain).

She replied "No I don't... But my mother does"

I smiled and just let it hang there. Partly because I wasn't sure what to say next. Eventually I decided to just say " I am spiritual and sometimes pick up on things that people need a miracle for". She then went on to say "How did you know about that? My mother has a problem right where you asked, and later today we are going to a specialist doctor to get some answers about what is going on".

I quickly said "Do you want to try something real fast?"

She said yes because she "had no idea how I could have know that". We stepped out of the way towards an empty till, and I very quickly asked for her mothers name, then took her left hand and declared healing and restoration over her whole body in the name of Jesus. Before she left she took note of my name and said she would come back to find me and let me know what happens. I am excited at the idea that this could be the beginning to a beautiful adventure between her and God. As she left she smiled and said thank you! "

Moved by Compassion

Tell us what happened:

"Last Sunday, I was having lunch with my sister and brother-in-law at a restaurant in Montréal. They were telling me about a friend who is suffering from a serious heart condition. While they were telling me about her, I was overwhelmed with great compassion.

All of a sudden, this woman walked into the restaurant with her husband and other friends. I felt as though I had to pray for her. After excusing myself, I looked for her and found her on the terrace. I introduced myself and shared what I was feeling in my heart. She warmly agreed for me to pray for her on the spot. While praying, I sensed the presence of God, it was so strong. She hugged me and so did her husband, who was very moved at what had just happened. I felt such a great joy all day long, because i chose to step out in faith and offer to pray for a stranger. I had done my part and surely, God would take over."

Lost Eggs

Tell us what happened:

"I was at work doing what I do to pay the bills. My colleague and I were talking about conspiracies and interesting paranormal things. It was good fun! I shared some stories about words of knowledge in a non religious way. We tried it out on each other but with no luck! So I upped the ante and tried it out on some of our customers, for fun! They all seemed to enjoy it. I kept trying the same word, which was pain in the left hip. No-one had pain, which was good for them but not for me... Joke.

About 5 minutes later a lady came back with some eggs and said "these are not my eggs". I was a little baffled, and said "not mine either, i wonder who they belong to" At the next possible point i took them back to the egg cooler. On my way there a lady who i recognized came walking up me pointing at eggs in her hand.

"are these your eggs!?"

"yes" she replied. She left them at the checkout on the side. And I had put them in someone else's buggy.

We began talking a little, and i put the new eggs she came back for, into the cooler. I said that I should probably walk her out to make sure security didn't tackle her ;)

On our way to the checkouts, I had this thought that maybe the word is for her, so i asked "are you by any chance a lady of faith?'

"I am a catholic, is that what you mean?"

"yes okay great, so you wont think this is completely nuts! I am practicing hearing God's voice and I felt as though i should ask, do you by any chance have a problem with your left hip?"

She was a little taken aback, and explained that she did, then told me all about what was going on. So i offered to pray for her really fast. We walked and I said a quick ten second prayer, commanding her hip to behave in the name of Jesus. She was very grateful, and left with a big smile on her face, feeling known. I love that God orchestrated that entire series of events, because i was willing to do that while at work."

Stepping out in faith can be fun, and is not as difficult as you think. Way to go!! We pray that these doors of opportunity will continue to open for you, and that you will gain even more wisdom and understanding in moving in signs and wonders in your everyday World. Sometimes you hear the right word, and you just have to find out who it is for!

Taking a Risk

"Recently at work, I was helping a customer with some items to their vehicle. We were waiting patiently for the Car to arrive. I took those couple of moments to inquire about their life a little, just small talk!

During that time, I felt in my heart that i was hearing a word of knowledge. Taking a risk I asked 'Do you want to try something fun?' The response was 'Yes, what do you mean?' So I went for it and asked whether what i was hearing was correct!? It's not often someone immediately responds YES to that kind of question from a complete stranger...

Their immediate response was 'No that doesn't mean anything to me'. They then asked why, and I explained that I was practicing hearing from God and thought I would give it a go! They were very kind and continued to dialogue with me as though I was not crazy. During the time we were loading items into their vehicle, the person interjected and explained that 'Part of it was right but not completely', then they told me why. My response was 'Okay let's talk after we are done'.

After we had finished loading everything into the car, I asked if they would be interested in a quick prayer, which they were. After praying, my new friends were interested in what Church I was involved with; one of them had recently been thinking it would be nice to try one out. Regardless of whether they come or not, because I chose to partner with God in that moment they both had an opportunity to experience His nature.

Creating a heart to heart connection will make stepping out in faith a lot easier! You can be anywhere on the scale, from completely wrong about what your feeling (word of knowledge), to 100% accurate. Love is the most important thing you have to display. You can also course correct should it get uncomfortable...."

Thanks for sharing your Testimony with us! Keep taking risks :-)