Words of Knowledge

" Today whilst at work, a lady came through my checkout, as she was paying for her items I began to feel a pain in a small area on my left hand. When I became aware of it, I knew that I should at least risk being wrong. So I asked her "Excuse me, this might sound like a very bizarre question to be asked, and I am sorry if it is, but do you have pain right here in your left hand (pointing to the exact small area that I experienced the pain).

She replied "No I don't... But my mother does"

I smiled and just let it hang there. Partly because I wasn't sure what to say next. Eventually I decided to just say " I am spiritual and sometimes pick up on things that people need a miracle for". She then went on to say "How did you know about that? My mother has a problem right where you asked, and later today we are going to a specialist doctor to get some answers about what is going on".

I quickly said "Do you want to try something real fast?"

She said yes because she "had no idea how I could have know that". We stepped out of the way towards an empty till, and I very quickly asked for her mothers name, then took her left hand and declared healing and restoration over her whole body in the name of Jesus. Before she left she took note of my name and said she would come back to find me and let me know what happens. I am excited at the idea that this could be the beginning to a beautiful adventure between her and God. As she left she smiled and said thank you! "