What do you see? | Part 2

When Ezekiel found himself standing in the valley of dry bones, I don't imagine he was surprised by what he was about to see. His relationship with God was full to the brim with strange.

If God asks you a question like "can the remains of the these dead people live?" (Cut to the chase translation) you are probably unsure how to answer. Firstly, God knows all things, is able to make the bones live again and is the one who's directing the experience he is having. Ezekiel is more than familiar with being caught up in the spirit, the place where God shares secrets with His friends. His answer suggests that nothing would surprise him; "You know, Lord".

In the earth today there's a lot of good, there's also a lot of bad. Focusing on the bad is easy. The TV, magazines, newspapers and especially social media are plagued with it. It's a constant war between news that brings hope and news that breads fear.

What do you see?

When you look into the valley which God has bought you to, do you see the hope that is stored inside?

The bones of those who lay dormant and lifeless, belonged to an army that was once bruised and defeated. By whom, your guess is as good as mine! Do you have enough faith to believe that the hopeless situation you see can be reversed? Ezekiel's experience with the Creator, reveals a picture of His nature. And His heart towards what He created.

Before I woke up in 2008, I was much like the picture which Ezekiel saw. Lifeless, bruised and beaten. How everything changed for me in such a short time is a mystery and one day when I get to heaven, I want to know what happened behind the scenes of my time on earth. Probably available on DVD. I picture someone who's name I may never know, who's face I may never see, standing in the gap, speaking life into my future.

Recently our community prayed for a man, he was a family member of one of our closest. He was in a tragic car accident, much of his body was broken and bruised. He laid in a coma and the doctors were only able to share bad news about his circumstances.
We all stood at the edge of that valley and told him to wake up. Prayers that we had no idea how to pray, simply just decrees for his future.

Two days later, he woke up. Alive, responsive and able to talk.

In the valley that God has bought you to, what do you see? He's trusting you with it. What you choose to see could change history.

This is your mission should you choose to accept it.