We get to partner with God by modelling His nature to people who don't know what He is like.


Everything we do always comes back to the focus of being in His Presence. Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing and He only knew what His Father was doing through communion and Sonship. Jesus died to get His presence in you so you could have full communion with God (John 17).

God wants to encounter you everyday: through worship, small talk, in prayer, in doing life, and by tangible encounters. When we encounter Him, we learn about His nature and His heart towards humanity. He wants to meet us, so He can transform us; He rights all wrongs. Our encounters are important in revealing the nature of God to the world. 

"We were created to live relationally with God, Who made us just for Himself to direct all of His love and affection towards. He created us to live with purpose and passion! And before we were even born, He purposed His own Son to die for us, so that we could live a life of fruitfulness and connection with Him forever."