The culture of the Kingdom operates like Family and is modeled by the relationship between the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.


Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, we have received adoption into the Family of God. The Church has one Father, and we are all Sons and Daughters.

We believe we will experience unity, when the Church begins living like a Family, by loving and valuing people to such a distinction that we stop fearing our differences and issues.

Jesus time and time again, showed us what it looked like to do covenant. He believed in people before they deserved it, and encouraged them into success and purpose. Our relationship as Community should mirror that of God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.

It is in the heart of every Mother and Father, to see their children go further than they ever could imagine for themselves.

True Family creates a culture of freedom and service towards one another. We believe in Co-empowerment not Co-dependency. Jesus loves to create opportunities for freedom. He came to introduce the New Covenant (Family) and to show people what God is really like. He came to show us the face of a God that prioritizes freedom over control. God finds honour and pleasure in having a bride that He does not control.

Serving creates an environment of freedom and life. Only when we have served and loved people to life will our equipping settle in fertile soil.