Who is your Church covering﹖

We do not have a Church covering. We have a high value for relationship, which means that we surround ourselves with Church Fathers/Mothers who think like us, and also those who don't. We let those people speak into both our lives and the life of our Church. We call this a relational covering. Our team is licensed and recieves credentials through CMA Canada (Christian Ministers Association of Canada).

Do you have a registered charity number﹖

Yes we do.

What Denomination are you﹖

We are a Non-Denominational Church.

Where did the Church plant from﹖

We did not plant from a particular Church or Denomination. We started with a small team of passionate people. What we are doing is completely organic.

How can I get in contact with a Leader﹖

You can get connected by using the Contact Form.

Can I send you a prayer request﹖

Yes you can, fill out the Form on the Contact Page.

Why dont you have a building﹖

Great question. Would you like to buy us one﹖