WE ARE a family that’s encountering god, and empowering people, to stir our World through love.


We are in passionate pursuit of God’s manifest presence and committed to supernatural revival - the personal, regional and global expansion of God's Kingdom.

Biblical faith has practical application

Lay People, were never a good idea. All the saints perform the work of service (Ephesians 4). Our community believes in the priesthood of all believers. While some live out ministry behind the pulpit on Sunday, the majority do ministry in the market places of society. Teachers, Lawyers, Athletes, full-time Parents, Mechanics, all created with purpose, for excellence and creativity as they are deployed into their realm of influence. The gospel was designed to thrive in the market place.

Signs, Wonders and the Miraculous are destined to take place the further the church gets from the sanctuary. God is good by nature, and He is looking for people who will take His nature into every area of society to reveal what He is like. Jesus modeled both the nature and ministry of the Father, and we are exploring the things that He promised.

Transformed people, transform the world around them.

We love how Daniel and Joseph expressed themselves; they were known for serving others well, in both natural and supernatural ways. We share the same desire to see other people become successful in all that they were born to be. We enjoy partnering with people to help them achieve what's in their heart. One mission, to serve the world around us with the benefits of the Kingdom. Everyone's calling is unique, whatever role you play in life, we believe in doing it well, doing it with power, purity and passion. Kingdom living looks like becoming better contributors to society, and to do that well we must be overflowing with the Holy Spirit and willing to be creative.

"Tag, your it" - Jesus (paraphrased)

The Culture we are building is characterized by the Presence of God, Worship, Love, Family and Honour. We believe these are incubators to what we will create with God. The goal of what we are doing is to bring Heaven to people now, through making the culture of Heaven tangible in our Cities.

We are building a vibrant family of passionate and joy filled believers.

For everyday kingdom living to be sustainable, it needs a greenhouse to grow. We like to think of the Stirring as a laboratory, not to be confused with lavatory, however similar the outcomes may be. We celebrate the process of discovery.


Our structure: Train and Equip with Deployment in mind. In the Kingdom, you only get to keep what you give away.

So all the encountering God, must find a practical application in your everyday life.

The culture of the Kingdom operates like Family and is modeled by the relationship between the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.


Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, we have received adoption into the Family of God. The Church has one Father, and we are all Sons and Daughters.

We believe we will experience unity, when the Church begins living like a Family, by loving and valuing people to such a distinction that we stop fearing our differences and issues.

Jesus time and time again, showed us what it looked like to do covenant. He believed in people before they deserved it, and encouraged them into success and purpose. Our relationship as Community should mirror that of God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.

It is in the heart of every Mother and Father, to see their children go further than they ever could imagine for themselves.

True Family creates a culture of freedom and service towards one another. We believe in Co-empowerment not Co-dependency. Jesus loves to create opportunities for freedom. He came to introduce the New Covenant (Family) and to show people what God is really like. He came to show us the face of a God that prioritizes freedom over control. God finds honour and pleasure in having a bride that He does not control.

Serving creates an environment of freedom and life. Only when we have served and loved people to life will our equipping settle in fertile soil.


We get to partner with God by modelling His nature to people who don't know what He is like.


Everything we do always comes back to the focus of being in His Presence. Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing and He only knew what His Father was doing through communion and Sonship. Jesus died to get His presence in you so you could have full communion with God (John 17).

God wants to encounter you everyday: through worship, small talk, in prayer, in doing life, and by tangible encounters. When we encounter Him, we learn about His nature and His heart towards humanity. He wants to meet us, so He can transform us; He rights all wrongs. Our encounters are important in revealing the nature of God to the world. 

"We were created to live relationally with God, Who made us just for Himself to direct all of His love and affection towards. He created us to live with purpose and passion! And before we were even born, He purposed His own Son to die for us, so that we could live a life of fruitfulness and connection with Him forever."


our mandate.

Inspire a Love Reformation


Mission: Love Reformation

What do we mean by reformation?

"To improve (a law or institution) by correcting abuses" Farlex dictionary

Revival starts with the poor. It starts at the grass roots level, and it burns its way up. Culture is shaped from the top down. So if what starts at the bottom does not impact those at the top, there will never be reformation. It must impact every area of society.

We build a friendship with Heaven, take a look around, what we discover we then serve people with on Earth. Heaven is characterized by extravagant love, our passion is to make it tangible. It is the will of God for Earth to look like Heaven. When the Kingdom comes, signs and wonders and the miraculous are present. It is abnormal for a Christian not to have an appetite for the impossible.

Love should really be a verb. We value encountering God because it is there that we are smeared (anointed) by His presence, which manifests the fruit of the spirit. God wants to water the root system of society with his presence. This isn't an invasion it's a movement of servanthood and love. The Fathers love does not require anything back, it carries no agenda. We want our love to be known for the same authenticity.

"We love because He loved us first." 1 John 4:19

We are here for the personal, regional and global expansion of Gods Kingdom. Training, empowering, and releasing people to take Kingdom culture to the world.