our story


est. 2015


Our Origin

The Stirring was planted officially planted in July of 2015, with no people, no money, no building and no ministries. The first gathering was in a coffee shop in Port Coquitlam. Because we launched without being sent by another church, we made it a necessity to have other people speak into what we are doing. We call this our relational covering, surrounding ourselves with Mothers and Fathers who think like we do, and also those who don't. Those people speak into both the lives of the leadership, and the life of our Church.

Our Name

When choosing a name, we felt that it was to be indicative of who we were as people. Our DNA is not one of passivity, and we embrace movement. Stirring, was also something we felt like God wanted to do in our region. For us, there really was not another choice.

Our Friends

Our team are members of the Christian Ministers Association of Canada, from where we receive ministerial licensing and a great source of relationship. Alongside that, we are also relationally invested with Bethel Church in Redding, California (USA), through membership of the Bethel Leaders Network.